Pay As U Rent (2016)

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App Design (Concept)


Me (Personal Work) / Pay As U Rent (Concept Name & Design)

People call me creative for a reason, this idea came to mind as I was travelling home from work on the bus! :)

What is the most common issue, when it comes to landlords and tenants? A lot of things really. More often than not, landlords have to keep chasing tenants for rent, or a tenant has to chase a landlord on foot or by car, just to pay ONE month’s rent!

Rent is a daunting concept because you HAVE to pay for it, otherwise you’re homeless. So, why not make it more like a fun pay as you go mobile phone tariff?

For years, my mother was a landlord and even she found it difficult collecting rent because of some stupid and fabricated stories, such as, “I don’t get paid until the end of the month”, “It’s OK, I get paid in a week’s time” or “I lost my credit or debit card, under the floor boards”.

There has to be an easier way! There is with “Pay As U Rent”!

Imagine, every tenant and landlord signing up to this. The landlord will have a gallery or list of their tenants, to which tenants provide a profile-like interface, whereby they have a photo of themselves and landlords can receive notifications or they can check to see which landlords are up to speed with their rent.

It’s probably not an original idea, but when I have a creative idea in my head, I just have to put it down in design form.